hi old friends who have usernames that i can’t recognize anymore!

i am here with greetings and updates and love because i genuinely miss this part of my past so freaking much and would do anything to get it back but things have changed an incredible amount

so i am sorting my life out slowly but surely! i got into aalborg university, studying economics and business administration which i am OVER THE MOON about because all i hear is good things about aalborg university.

i also am eating way way way healthier, i still eat fish maybe once or twice a week but i’ve cut out all other meat and milk (mostly for health reasons but earthlings, etc. also opened my eyes to the point where i can’t go back) and i’ve been losing a bit of weight, but mostly just looking and feeling ten times better!

i haven’t been writing much, so that sucks, but i keep trying in the hopes that one day my inspiration will come back. it’ll happen!!!

drop me an ask if you feel like chatting, i would love to hear what’s happening with all of you. i miss you so freaking much.

i will literally come back to roleplaying right now if i can make a theo james character. jesus christ that man.

so apparently i haven’t posted here in a long time. 

i made a weight loss tumblr and i am basically constantly signed in there but



i am losing weight though

that is pretty cool

everything else is uneventful, i have been kind of unhappy and missing home, but i’m working through that now! 

in better news i am going down to the border shops on sunday!

cheap booze for new years, yippeeeee

jesus christ i miss my fucking family


oh well

i am about to go out

my boyfriend has told me that there is no way in hell we can name our first daughter “nala” after nala from the lion kion. well excuse me but if we take our children to ireland with any of the danish names you have picked out they would find the name “nala” much easier to pronounce and completely less erratic.

someone tell me it’s IRRESPONSIBLE to go out tonight and tomorrow night despite having a cold/sore throat especially with my horrible history of 6 week septic throat stints and the likes. someone tell me it is totally not worth it even if red wine is magical and christmas break is finally here

i want to go to starbucks and go christmas shopping today but i have such a sore throat that i cannot be bothered with speaking danish at all and mikkel isn’t available today. i have just gotten to the stage where i feel SO rude expecting shop assistants to speak english to me.

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